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Science of God: Truth in the Age of Science
by Kevin Sharpe.

From the press release:

"Is theology responsible to tradition or new insight? Institutional church or humanity at large? Spiritual or everyday existence? Revelation or scientific findings? In his new book, Science of God:Truth in the Age of Science, Kevin Sharpe proposes a method for doing theology which does not divorce it from the practical applications of science. Not only does this work establish that theology ought to be empirical in what it says about the world and God's relationship to it, but it also outlines a clear method for doing this. Science and theology can each share the same empirical method: when each attempts a description of any part of reality, it is relying on its own essential assumptions, or lens. When applied to theology, the method assumes the existence of God and then seeks the nature of God using falsifiable and verifiable techniques. Starting with the sciences that examine happiness--particularly biology, genetics, psychology, and the religious relevance of contemporary social psychology--Science of God seeks to understand the spiritual nature of humans and, through it, the nature of God.


"Kevin Sharpe is a research-level scientist and a trained theologian. His dual nature shines through with much sparkle and insight in his new book, Science of God. Everyone interested in the science-religion relationship must read this book."—Michael Ruse, Lucyle T. Werkmeister Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Program in the History and Philosophy of Science, Florida State University.

"Clear your calendar and give your attention to Kevin Sharpe's new book. To say that it is the book of the year may be an understatement. He is impatient with theology and particularly with its ways of interacting with the sciences. His discussion is polemical, combining candor of critique with courtesy of spirit—but it is also constructive. He deals with fundamental issues and offers proposals that are foundational. This book should engage both theologians and scientists for years to come."—Philip Hefner, Professor of Theology Emeritus, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Editor-in-Chief, Zygon: Journal of Religion and Science.

Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., 2006.

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